MASE Coaching & Consulting is dedicated and driven to helping others reach their maximum potential in life both personally and professionally.  We believe it is important in life to be the best version you can possibly be.

MASE Coaching & Consulting

Our background in psychology and sociology with specific training in the areas of psychotherapy and assessments as well as a Board Certification in Coaching and numerous hours of coach training provide a solid foundation to our services.  We have experience working with professional athletes coaching them on their transition into and out of the sport along with providing leadership development for athletes of all ages.  In addition, our know-how gained through providing team building workshops for various businesses and ministries and our numerous years of small business experience make us the ideal candidate for your Coaching & Consulting needs.


  • Fitness & Wellness Development
  • Sports & Athletic Program Development
  • Small Business Development


  • Marriage & Family
  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Career Transition & Professional Development
  • Personal & Life Development
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Sonya Mason

Sonya Mason

M.A., BCC, RCS Board Certified Coach Relationship Coaching Specialist Gallup Trained Clifton Strengths Coaching

Sonya Mason is a business owner, entrepreneur, wife, mother, ED of their family’s foundation and most recently, Board Certified Life Coach.  For the past 15 years along side her husband Eddie Mason, she has managed their Sports Performance Fitness & Wellness company, developing her management skills as well as designing and implementing programs.

She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and furthered her education receiving her Master’s Degree in Psychology.  In recent years, she has become a Board Certified Coach, receiving her Board Certification through the Center for Credentialing & Education.

Through the foundation her and her husband created, she strives to create programs and community events that make an intentional impact on others and her community as well as leaving a lasting legacy for her family.  She serves as ED for their MASE Faith Foundation, designing and implementing programs as well as organizing and hosting fundraising activities and events.

She is passionate about life coaching and assisting others with developing their own strategic plan in order to arrive at strategic results.  Areas of emphasis are Marriage and Families as well as Team Building and Professional Development.   She recently created a platform called “You, Me and Tea” which designed to foster environments in which others can reflect on their own gifts and talents and use that time as a catalyst to construct their own strategic plan for their life, marriage, family or business.

One of her greatest ambitions is to be a difference maker, whether that is in her family, through her businesses or foundation or whoever she encounters she hopes to in some way make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Life is not about finding your purpose, it is about living ON PURPOSE!

Eddie Mason

Eddie Mason

Life Coach

Eddie Mason is a former 8 year NFL LEGEND who was drafted by the NY Jets in 1995 and played for Jacksonville Jaguars and Redskins respectively, and retired in 2003.  Upon retirement God gave him the vision of MASE Training, and immediately to develop training programs and workouts for numerous clients that were adults and student athletes.  He has served hundreds of student athletes who signed Division 1, 2 and 3 scholarships in multiple sports, as well as helped thousands of adults who have not only lost pounds, inches and body fat, but more importantly changed their lives.  He was nominated for the NFL PRO BOWL 5 out of 8 seasons during his career, garnering 2002 UnSung Hero Award, and being voted Walter Payton Man of the Year in 2001 for his community outreach alongside his wife Sonya.   He took that passion into his role as NFL PREP 100 as director of on field operations for 6 years for NFL, and now currently serves as Flag Football Commissioner for i9 Sports, NFL LIfe Transition Coach and consults with multiple other organizations.  His main passion is helping people renew their minds and be transformed from the inside out.  His most biggest accomplishment is marrying his wife Sonya, being a father, and taking his life experience by writing his book “Training for the Tough Game of Life.”