Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson

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NEST Pilates at MASE Training

As a kid in New Jersey, I grew up playing any and every sport I could find.  Sports, fitness, athletics and health have been a part of my life from just about the beginning.  When I left New Jersey for college in Virginia, I took that love, put it to work, and received my degree in Health and Fitness Management from Marymount University in 1999.  I continued to play soccer and lacrosse through college, while developing my love and knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.  After college, I worked in a physical therapy office and then as the Director of Personal Training for Gold’s Gym, putting into practice all I learned.  During my time as a personal trainer, I found Pilates.  This was an exercise discipline that seemed to fill my soul, while fixing my body.

Pilates has an incredible ability to help every single body.  Over the 10+ years I have been teaching, I have worked with kids, seniors, professional athletes, former athletes, weekend warriors, pregnant women, post-rehab patients, and just about everyone in between.  Using the Reformer allows me to work with this vast population because it gives each client assistance through some ranges of motion, and resistance through others. We can teach certain muscles how to work again, teach kinesthetic patterns of movements, and of course, strengthen and stabilize our “core.”

Finding Pilates changed my life.  As a former athlete, my body was riddled with old injuries and imbalances.  Pilates helped me mend many of those injuries and prevent so many more!  And now, I get to share that with everyone I have the privilege of training. Every day, I get to come to work and help people become healthier and more functional in life.  I get to see people with crippling low back pain get through days feeling zero pain.  I get to watch women with ever-changing bodies navigate through pregnancy and recover easier after birth.  I get to help professional athletes have less injuries and longer careers.  And best of all, I get to be a small part of helping people be their healthiest and happiest selves.  That is an honor and privilege I never take for granted.

Laura is certified through PHI Pilates in Mat I & II, Reformer I & II, Tower, Integrated and Pre-Natal. She has been teaching Pilates since 2007 in various studios and was the Pilates Instructor to the Washington Redskins. She lives in Ashburn with her husband and their daughter.